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The sewer system is one of the most important plumbing systems in any home. We use our sewer system every day, and because most of our system is located in hard to reach places or underground, it can be difficult to tell when there is a problem. As with any home repairs,
the sooner you detect the problem, the less money you will spend to pay for collateral damage. Here are warning signs you should keep an eye out for, as they can signal the need for sewer repair.
1. Slow drainage

Slow drains are common plumbing issues, but because they are common don’t mean the problem is not serious. Tubs, sink, toilets, and shower should drain with ease. And these systems backing up could be a sign that you need to repair your sewer. Ground shifts, tree roots, or pipe damage can cause clogs and blockages to form in your sewer. This is different from the regular clog or blockage because it may mean that your pipe is damaged.

The slow drains in the home need urgent attention. If you don't act immediately, these slow drains could cause health issues. So, to avert germs that grow from the waste materials in the pipes, call a plumber right away to restore a free-flowing drainage system in your home.
2. Increase in pests

 Mice and rats are usually associated with sewers for a reason: these pests love the smells and dampness of sewers. If you ever noticed an increase in pests in your home, your damaged sewer line may be the cause. Apart from Mice and Rats infestation, a broken waste pipe will attract drain Flies and drain Moths who may come in droves drawn through waste, enter the blocked pipes, and clog them to make the blockage worse. These flies
might cause diseases by spreading germs through the pollution of food and water in the home.  

This can be disconcerting and unpleasant. Fixing this problem requires contacting your pest control expert and your plumber. A pest control expert will deal with the pest infestation while your plumbing will repair the sewer damage that attracted the pests.

  1. Moldy smells

    Sewage has a peculiar smell, but it isn't easy to pinpoint when it comes to your house. Sometimes, it can smell like mildew or musty. A sewer in good shape will have its smell contained inside the line. So, pay attention to the unusual smell around the house,
    especially those coming from the drains. 

Likewise, this moldy smell irritates the eyes, skin, throat, and lungs. That is the more reason you need to get rid of this unusual smell. Using an odor absorber can only be a temporary measure that does not remove the problem's cause. Contact your plumber immediately if
you smell something off-putting. 
4. Super green lawn

 Sewage has a positive impact on plants around your house as it makes patchy lawns look astoundingly lush. And while this may look beautiful, it also means you have a huge problem lurking beneath the ground. Leaking sewage may be suitable for your lawn, but it's not good
for your home and plumbing.

 If there are patches where the lawn is greener than any other place, and you see plants growing in part of your lawn without adding fertilizer, you need to call your plumber right
5. Pooling water

 Whether its in your yard or indoor, there usually shouldn't be pooling water in any area of your house. Pooling water in unusual places could mean that you have a pipe or sewer leak somewhere around your house, and it is close to the surface. 
Other implication you may have overlooked is that pooling water in your yard is a potential place for the mosquito to breed with its health consequences. That is not all; wet areas on the compound would mean that people visiting you might track water into your home, ruining the cleaned environment. So, don't wait long to call your plumber because a delay can worsen things.

How Snake 'n' Rooter Plumbing Company Will Help You With Your Kansas City Sewer Repair
If you notice any of these sewer signs, give us a call to schedule your service. We have several years of experience providing quality drain services to homeowners in Kansas City. If you suspect you need Kansas City sewer repair, don't hesitate to contact us today. 

Our highly skilled and trained professionals are available 24/7 to help you. We will arrive at your premise promptly, prepared, and equipped to diagnose and repair your sewer line.

Kansas City Sewer Repair

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