Commercial pool service white Rock

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Commercial pool service white Rock

Without the proper commercial pool service in White Rock helping you navigate the ins and outs of pool ownership and maintenance, it can be hard to know when your pool needs resurfacing. At C-Blu, we’ve put together a list of 5 signs that your pool needs to be resurfaced right away.

1. Stubborn Set Stains

No matter how hard you scrub your pool, there may be stubborn stains that won’t come off. Even if your pool is just a couple years old, if it has stains, it will look old and outdated. Call a commercial pool service in White Rock if you have set-in stains in your pool. The best bet may be to resurface the entire pool at this point rather than continue to try to clean these marks off.

2. Signs of Erosion

Some of the signs of erosion that you need to be aware of include visible worn spots that you can feel or see while you’re out enjoying the cool water. Having a chemical balance that is appropriate for your pool will help with this, as too little or too many chemicals in the water can eat away at the surface, making resurfacing your best option.

3. Rough Spots on Your Feet

Does the bottom of your pool scrape and scuff your feet as you walk along? This is a sign that your pool needs to be resurfaced. It may just be uncomfortable for now but over time the rough spots will get worse and can cause serious injury to swimmers. The best thing to do the moment you feel rough spots in your pool is to call a pool maintenance and repair contractor for resurfacing.

4. Dropping Water Level

You need to reach out to a commercial pool service in White Rock if you experience a sudden decrease in the water level. This usually means that there’s a crack or other leak in your swimming pool that’s gone on undetected.

Due to the size of the standard swimming pool, it’s often impossible for people to identify every leak or crack that they get in their pool. To examine every inch of the pool to check for leaks would be an arduous task. However, leaks and cracks happen often and require resurfacing.

5. Corroded Grout

If you have a tile pool surface, you probably enjoy your beautiful shiny pool and work hard to maintain it. However, regardless of how well your pool is maintained, grout will gradually start to age and can corrode over time.

Although you may not think it’s a major issue now, bear in mind that loose tiles can become dislodged and result in serious injury to swimmers. The good news is that resurfacing the pool by a commercial pool service in White Rock will get your pool looking as good as new again.

Working with an experienced commercial pool service in White Rock will help ensure that your pool is a great place to hang out during the warmer months of the year. C-Blu can help resurface and maintain your pool regularly while making sure you know going forward to take care of your pool and hot tub properly.


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Commercial pool service white Rock