Commercial Grade Patio Umbrellas

Article provided by: Cool-Off™

A business that serves customers in the outdoors should have some shade that caters to various weather conditions. Lacking enticing commercial grade patio umbrellas will steer away clients and cause a decline in the business’ revenue. You need to get a commercial patio umbrella because the non-commercial alternative is not as large or durable. Residential umbrellas usually have decorative styles that overshadow the functionality of the shade.

Benefits of commercial grade patio umbrellas


These umbrellas are incredibly inexpensive in comparison to other construction elements like the floor tiling, wall panel, or the outdoor patio area. Including a few large umbrellas in the restaurant’s stock budget will not dent the bank account.


These umbrellas are easy to fold when you do not need their services. This setting gives you the flexibility of freeing up space during winter and fall when you do not need the shade. Consequentially, the umbrellas are perfect for a restaurant that needs to host its usually daytime hosting and luxurious nighttime parties in the patio.


Commercial grade patio umbrellas are easy to customize or personalize. Octagon has several sizes of octagon, square, and rectangular umbrellas. We have small-sized umbrellas that are perfect for a family home and sizeable sized one that extends along the length of an entire building block. Our various colors of umbrellas are easy to choose and blend in your environment because they do not include unusual graphics and colors.

Ease of use

Installing an umbrella does not require the use of any professional manual. Commercial umbrellas from Cool-off are exceedingly easy to install, especially when you follow the install guide on our site. This perk means you can shift the umbrellas from one spot to another without damaging its structural design of strength.

Types of commercial grade patio umbrellas

The process of choosing an umbrella is straightforward for most people. The only requirement is having a clear idea of what you desire and enjoying the selection process. The two most common structural makeups of patio umbrellas are easy to compare and select.

Center post umbrella

These units make up the most common umbrellas. The pole stands at the center of the base and works as the holding point on the table. These umbrellas are standard in restaurants because they shape the sitting arrangement of the people at the table. Center post umbrellas are excellent for setups that need extra permanency because they do not sway as secure as other pole fixtures.

Offset or cantilever umbrellas

These umbrellas are the contemporary version of conventional patio umbrellas. They defer from their predecessors because the stands do not have a traditional fixture at the center. The poles are off to the side and allow bolting when they can gain the support of weights to their side. 

Cantilever umbrellas are excellent for restrictive spaces because they have additional adjustability and flexibility. One significant benefit of these umbrellas is that you can extend them outward by shifting the height or tilting the canopy to maneuver the shade.